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About Us

The perfect taste of our products originates in the South of Serbia, where our plantations are located, and that very climate and geographical location give our fruit and vegetables the top quality it possesses. It all began in 1993 with the creation of the first plantation by the Kitanović family in a place called Lipovica, with the aim and idea of creating a finished product out of our fruit which would be number one as far as quality goes. Above all, we have proven ourselves to be the best producer in the primary production in our region and after two decades of work, learning and research with the best experts in our region, in 2012 the brand UKUS PRIRODE (The Taste of Nature) was born.

After eight years, with a combination of tradition and technology we have achieved top products which are today, without compromise, number one in the world when it comes to quality. Our goal is based on realistic factors and possibilities. That goal is to produce healthy, selected food for specific buyers and children, the sick, athletes and simply for people who enjoy eating clean, natural food.


A Natural Way to Health

Generally, fruit juices produced from tested berry fruits (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, red and black currants) can have a potentially protective effect on people’s health, thanks to the high values achieved from the content of bioactive compounds (total polyphenols, flavonoids, monomeric anthocyanins, as well as the high content of other phenolic compounds), as well as the high antioxidative potential.